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Annual Main Events


2019 2018
Jan. First Quarter FY2019 Earnings Announcement 2019/01/31 2018/02/01
Apr. First Half FY2019 Earnings Announcement 2019/04(last) 2018/04/27
May FY2019 Mid-year Analyst and Investor Meeting in Tokyo 2019/05(middle) 2018/05/11
FY2019 Mid-year Report (Japanese language only) 2019/05(middle) 2018/05/16
Jul. Third Quarter FY2019 Earnings Announcement 2019/07(last) 2018/08/01
Nov. FY2019 Earnings Announcement 2019/11(early) 2018/11/07
FY2019 Analyst and Investor Meeting in Tokyo 2019/11(middle) 2018/11/15
Dec. General Meeting of Shareholders 2019/12(early) 2018/12/07
FY2019 Annual Report 2019/12(last) 2018/12/26

※The schedule is subject to change.

(Jan. 31, 2019)