Research and Production

Everything is For Our Customers

Thinking firstly of “Everything for our customers” the Noevir Group provides products useful for beauty and health.
We are advancing with research and development from the search for materials with new active ingredients in such items as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and foods, as well as naturally being safe and reliable, to create products that will satisfy customers. We pursue “mindful satisfaction” in the use and fragrance of cosmetics and develop products of high added-value.

安全性 機能性 有効性 使いごこち すべてはお客さまのために

In 2013, the Noevir Group integrated the research laboratories of Noevir Co., Ltd. and TOKIWA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., to maximize Group technical capabilities through an integrated research laboratory. We have research facilities throughout Japan, from the Hokkaido Shokanbetsu Mountain Pilot Farm to the Minami Daito Island Marine Research Center based in Okinawa. In addition to the plant research conducted since foundation to find original plant ingredients highly effective for beauty, we have expanded to advance research into fields such as neurology, genetics and neuroscience. In April 2015, we established the Tokyo Research Laboratory for futuristic communication to actively engage with customers and outside research institutions, as well as to strengthen cutting-edge research conducted through collaborations between industry and academia

A High-Level Production System Emphasizing Quality and the Environment

In addition to meticulous quality management in all processes from ingredient procurement through to production and delivery, we have established a management structure that quickly enables status confirmation of inspection and production processes through a production record maintained even after purchase.
At the Shiga Factory, the main factory for the production of quasi-drugs and cosmetics, we have built a management system complying with the Technical Guidelines for Production Management and Quality Management of Cosmetics (Cosmetics GMP), as well as manage the entire factory under an original production management system. At the Mie Factory, the main factory for drinks, we comply with the Ministerial Ordinance on Standards for Manufacturing Control and Quality Control for Drugs and Quasi-drugs (GMP) in the production of pharmaceuticals and quasi-drugs.
Furthermore, we do not only consider quality concerns, but also take the environment into account by preventing water contamination, eliminating waste materials, raising the recycling rate and preventing global warming effects among other measures.